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How do I register for a Transport Forum Special Interest Group (SIG) event?

Before you can register for one of our events, you need to create a profile (for free) for yourself should you not have done so already.

This is done by clicking on the "Sign Up" option under the USERS MENU on your screen. This will take you through a simple process to share who you are, which organisation/company your are representing and to provide your contact information. The system will also send you a test email to confirm your email address. You will now have a profile which will enable you to log in to the system and to do things such as registering for events and downloading presentations. Once your profile is created you can now sign up for each of the SIG events that you wish to attend. Please note that you must register for each SIG- having a profile does not automatically sign you up for any SIG event. You have merely created a profile for yourself to use to register for events and to do downloads.

To register for a specific Transport Forum SIG event you need to click on the related blue "Register" button to the bottom of the screen displaying the event information. Before you click on this button, you first need to log in using the login information you created for yourself in the process described in the paragraph above. So, you will log in by clicking on "LOG IN" under the USER LOGIN menu on your screen and thereafter you can click on the blue "Register" button to register for the specific event. The system should now recall your personal information during the registration process saving you the effort of having to type in everything again.

After clicking on the blue "Register" button, the system will take you through a simple process to register for the event. Firstly, it will bring up your personal information. You then will have to confirm you title and email address. You will also be required to type in the "Captcha" information just to check that you are a real person registering for the event. After confirming your personal information your should click on the "Submit" button and the registration is complete. You should also receive confirmation on your screen that you have been registered and an email will also be sent to you confirming your registration.

Should you experience any difficulties, you are welcome to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by phoning 082 654 6736

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