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State owned enterprise arivia.kom is responsible for the development and canadian pharmacy levitra maintenance of a number of major ICT solutions within the Transport Sector. The organisation delivers effective business solutions to clients by aligning the latest developments in the ICT industry to clients’ transport-related business needs. To achieve its goals, it is imperative for its employees to maintain a good understanding of the transport industry.

Arivia.kom logoIn August 2005 arivia.kom decided to adapt to the latest trends in innovative business management by connecting its employees on a business level, to role-players within the industry. The role-players include industry business management, regulatory bodies, research institutions, academic institutions, as well as other ICT solution providers. The Transport Forum is one of the initiatives that resulted from this strategic approach.

Taking up the Minister of i recommend pharmacy viagra cheap Transport’s invitation to the industry to participate in the implementation of the National Freight Logistics Strategy (NFLS), studying the Director- General’s Transport Strategy and applying a good understanding of the challenges the South African transport system faces, imperatives for success have been identified as follows:

Effective and focused:

         integration of different modes of transport

         enhancement of the level of expertise in public and private sectors

         transport planning in the country

         implementation and integration of transport planning

         judicious deployment of transport and related infrastructure

         development of online viagra overnight transport corridors

         national communication on all levels of transport within South Africa

         promotion of effective management of the transport industry

         relationships between regulators and operators

         private investment in transport infrastructure

         integration of transport information and planning systems

         forging of links with the Southern African Development Community (SADC).


The Transport Forum commenced with monthly Special Interest Group (SIG) sessions as part of an internal initiative at arivia.kom. Soon, as word was spread regarding the Transport Forum’s activities, more and more external practitioners requested that their names be added to the mailing list to participate in the monthly sessions.

Credible speakers on transport related themes of national relevance are invited to present their perspective on a specific discipline within the transport industry. Themes explored relate to transport, logistics and information technology.  The knowledge distilled from these sessions is made freely available to all participants. Themes addressed to date include: the National Freight Logistics Strategy, the eNaTIS system, development of Public Transport in South Africa, An introduction to the Road Freight Association, and The Rail Gauge Debate.

A challenge for arivia.kom is to ensure that relevant decision-makers participate actively in these events. Information on cialis daily industrial role-players is being gathered through various legitimate methods resulting in a transport industry representative database. 

After a year of activities, the Transport Forum has become a highly representative and nationally recognised platform for thought leadership by organisations and individuals who are active in the transport and logistics industry, as well as individuals who have the interests of the transport industry at heart.

Arivia.kom sincerely believes that through this initiative, a significant contribution is being made towards enhancing various aspects of the South African Transport Industry by addressing industry related challenges by promoting:  

         two-way communication between the state and stakeholders

         interest in collaboration

         agendas debated objectively

         opportunities for academics, practitioners and thought leaders to meet

         exposure of participants to the latest research and viagra discounts development and training programmes to build local capacity

         opportunities to take informed and well-debated decisions

         the identification of best practices

         well-planned and governed mentorship programmes

         the prioritisation of national transport needs

         an environment conductive to international cooperation

         joint knowledge generation and

         industrial competitiveness.

To ensure effective representation at the Transport Forum’s events, attendance is by invitation and currently, free of charge. The Forum’s administration costs are sponsored by arivia.kom and opportunities for additional sponsorship are in the process of being made available to service providers in the industry to cover costs. 

The activities of the Forum are governed by the following values:

         Passion for the industry




         Giving to receive



Other planned activities include:

         Undertaking or funding industry-related research projects

         Publishing papers, contributing articles to magazines and journals

         Hosting learning tours and canada cheap cialis site visits, and

         Joining or engaging with industry-related learned bodies and professional societies.

Transport Industry practitioners, service providers or potential sponsors who wish to be added to the Transport Forum’s mailing list are invited to contact Harry van Huyssteen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or register on this website by clicking on the “Register” option displayed on the Home Page.

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