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Contact Name & Surname Jaap van der Merwe
Contact Number: +27 71 905 2834
Email Address: jaap.vdm@powerlawcapital.com
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PowerLaw Capital ("PLC") is a boutique rail centric Transaction Advisory.

Why do we focus on reducing project capital intensity?

  • Companies only survive if they are part of competitive supply chains.
  • Developing economies thrive if they are part of globally competitive supply chains.
  • Global urbanization and demand for energy and resources, as well as downward pressure on the cost of logistics, require modernisation of the rail industry through innovative solutions and rehabilitation programs. 

  • Railways play a key role to reduce the cost of logistics in industrial supply chains.
  • Railway economics, performance standards and capital determine the feasibility of rail freight systems.

What is our value proposition?

  • PLC has the capability to deliver integrated rail freight systems that yield guaranteed performance levels, low life cycle cost and capital participation through integrated technology and a culture of meritocracy. 

  • PLC pairs owner-engineered system designs and project-led investment to ensure generation of high economic quality annuity revenue streams. 

  • The core ethic of PLC is meritocracy where we take our share from the enhanced returns of clients in their railway investments. 

What services do we offer?

  • Investment advisors to rail infrastructure funds. 

  • Project development:

o   Operating Concept and Business Case Development;

o   Feasibility Studies;

o   Front-End Engineering Development;

o   Funding Arrangement;

o   Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contract Management. 

  • Investors in, and value added resellers of, transformative rail technology businesses. 

  • Rail advisors to rail and port operators and concessionaires.
  • Development of downstream value chains.

How do we work?

  • We have in-house engineering, legal & commercial, concession, funding, and project office expertise.
  • PLC works collaboratively with, and in association with, its related parties globally and in-country.
  • We have a powerful global network of railway expertise network.
  • We also work closely with a number of academic institutions.


South Africa
135 West Street, Sandton, Johannesburg, , 2146

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