Transport Forum Business Directory and Classified Advertisements offer the advertiser the opportunity to get exposure to thousands of potentially interested parties.

Please read carefully through the following terms & conditions before placing an advertisement.

It will be construed that these terms and conditions have been rea, understood and accepted by the advertiser when request to place an advertisement is received by the Transport Forum.

A. The advertiser accepts and agrees to:

  • Transport Forum is free from any liability in agreement between advertiser and any other parties.
  • No advertisement may be copied without agreement from the advertiser.
  • Please NOTE that Transport Forum have the mandate to remove, without prior notice, your advertisement without your permission, if the advertisement failed to comply with our T&C’s.
  • The Transport Forum takes no responsibility for false information provided by the advertiser.
  • It is the responsibility of the potential buyer to verify information and quality of advertised product / goods.
  • The Transport Forum takes no responsibility for any loss or damage between buyer and seller.
  • All Transport Forum classifieds online advertising design may not be used for any copy and/or paste without the permission of the advertiser.
  • Transport Forum makes no representation or warranty in relation to the number of visitors to our website or the number of impressions at any site, except for any warranty or representation made expressly in writing.
  • The advertiser acknowledges that no reliance was placed on any advice given or representation made by us or on our behalf, in connection with the advertising.
  • No advertisement will be published until the Transport Forum receives confirmation of payment and the terms and conditions have been accepted as set out herewith.
  • The Transport Forum will not refund any fees for unsuccessful advertisements.

Transport Forum pricing is inclusive of VAT.

B. The advertiser guarantees, by acceptance of these terms and conditions, to Transport Forum that:

  • Pictures supplied by advertiser are not subjected to any copyrights and that all images supplied are originals and the property of the advertiser,
  • Any information supplied in connection with the advertisement is accurate, complete, true and not misleading;
  • The advertiser has obtained the consent of any living person whose name or image (in whole or in part) is contained in any advertisement;
  • The advertisement is legal, decent, honest and truthful, is not contrary to the provisions of any applicable law, regulation or code of practice, is not libelous or obscene and do not infringe the rights of any person (including any person’s intellectual property rights);
  • The advertisement will not be prejudicial to the image or reputation of Transport Forum or the Website, and will not contain anything that Transport Forum, in good faith, considers to be offensive or otherwise inappropriate;
  • All digital advertisement submitted for publication online, will be free of any viruses, adware, malware, bit torrents, and no advertisement will cause an adverse effect on the operation of the Transport Forum Website

C. Payment

Advertisement will only be published once proof of payment is received by Transport Forum.

Transport Forum is not VAT registered, so no VAT will be charged

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