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The Transport Forum commenced in March 2007 under arivia.kom and was later acquired by T-Systems. Since inception, the Transport Forum has offered a complimentary platform, free to all who wish to attend and engage in matters relevant to the transport sector. It plays an integral role in South Africa’s transport community, engaging all levels of industry players as well as previously disadvantaged individuals who would ordinarily not be exposed to opportunities of engagement with top level industry role players.

Effective transport systems play a vital role in the economy of South Africa and herein the Transport Forum aims maintain the conversation between private and government sectors and open discussions to pave the way to more effective and sustainable systems between the two sectors. Through the Transport Forum’s monthly meetings businesses in the transport sector remain informed of policy changes as well as the latest industry developments.

Various role players can be seen engaging in the Transport Forum’s Special Interest Groups (SIG); these are the likes of government from all levels, state owned enterprises, private business, industry business management, regulatory bodies, research institutions, academic institutions, as well as ICT solution providers. Collaboration and communication between these various stakeholders bring about superior solutions to create a more efficient and competitive transport sector.

Topics are chosen for each monthly SIG and various credible industry players will be invited to take the platform and speak to the attendees. Further access to the information given by the speakers is dispelled through the website of the Transport Forum which allows attendees to share the knowledge imparted upon them.   

The Transport Forum aims to promote:

  • Two-way communication between the state and stakeholders
  • Interest in collaboration
  • Agendas debated objectively
  • Opportunities for academics, practitioners and thought leaders to meet
  • Exposure of participants to the latest research and development and training programmes to build local capacity
  • Opportunities to take informed and well-debated decisions
  • The identification of best practices
  • Well-planned and governed mentorship programmes
  • The prioritisation of national transport needs
  • An environment conducive to international cooperation
  • Joint knowledge generation
  • Industrial competitiveness

The Transport Forum invites numerous persons, including previously disadvantaged, to the platform to freely engage with decision makers within the transport sphere, that being both public and private. There is a strong drive from the Transport Forum to assist any previously disadvantaged individual to engage and participate in panel discussions which assists in learning and gaining information not readily available through other platforms.

All attendees are given free access to obtain all content and speeches from the Transport Forum’s website portal. You are welcome to visit the website to view all content uploaded at

We have an active attendance of over 2400 delegates at our events annually. Our website engages with over 7000 active users monthly and of that figure over 65% are previously disadvantaged individuals. We offer all this at no cost to all attendees.

In June 2018 the Transport Forum became a private company and due to sponsorships being the sole source of income all costs are being kept at a minimal to maintain the free and complimentary platform that all have come to know the Transport Forum to be.

We will strive to uphold the methodology of the Transport Forum and thank you for your support!

Company registration: 2018/357317/07 - Director: Harry van Huyssteen
Tax reference number: 9513805185
VAT registration number: 4870302942

Postal address:

Postnet Suite A117
Private Bag X18
Lynnwood Ridge

Contact number: 082 654 6736

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