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 S p e c i a l   I n t e r e s t   G r o u p
Thursday 27 June 2019
in Cape Town

"Realities in Transport"

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Presentations presented
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Opening Session

Welcome and Introduction to WNS Global Services SA

Mr. Mike Buttner
SVP - Sales
WNS Global Services SA

Driving Value Through Technology

Driving behaviours through Telematics and Analytics

The risk of accidents rises with every hour fleet drivers spend on the road.  Discover how telematics solutions, machine learning and predictive analytics can improve safety and driver behaviour, and ultimately reduce the number of accidents. 

Mr. Anand Verma
Senior Director: Capability, Shipping and Logistics
WNS Global Services SA

Smart Ticketing and Monitoring in Smart Cities

Mr. Tjaart Kruger
Chief Executive Officer
Vix Technology

Realities of Transport Technology in the Local Authority Sphere

Ms. Chantal Greenwood
Operations Director
MySmart City


The importance of building a strategy to engage business, government, and consumers to inspire transformation to smarter mobility

Mr. Ben Pullen
Co-founder & Managing Director 
Global EVRT

If uptake of EVs in South Africa displaced 50% of petrol and diesel by 2042, what would be the impact on liquid fuels value chains?

Ms. Louise Naude
Lead: Low-carbon Transport


Using Business Intelligence in Public Transport to make informed decisions

This presentation was done in prezi format which unfortunately cannot be downloaded from this website.

Mr. Shafeeq Mollagee
Civil Engineer

Awareness and Best Practice in Crime Prevention

Human Trafficking and the Transportation Industry

Lt Colonel Liezel van der Merwe
Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI) Head Office: Organised Crime: Organised Illegal Immigration
South African Police Services

Combatting Crime in collaboration with SAPS in the Transport and Retail Sectors

Abie could unfortunately not be there, but he did make his presentation available.

Mr. Abie Nelson
Head: Consumer Goods Crime Risk Initiative

Consumer Goods Council of South Africa

How can Best Practice aid Compliance to the Regulatory Framework?

Verbal only

Ms. Kathy Bell
Transport Industry & Asset Risk Specialist
Standard Bank