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"Building back better -
Optimizing bus services post Covid-19"

Best practices for a period of change and the opportunity to build back better

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Presentations presented

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Operational best practices - react to rapid changes

Mr Udi Pomerantz
Regional Director: EMEA

What are our members telling us? Mr Bazil Govender
Executive Manager
South African Bus Operators Association (SABOA)
Effective Systems and Processes for Peak Performance Mr Gideon Neethling
Company Engineer
Golden Arrow Bus Services (Pty)Ltd
The impact of COVID-19 on the Commuters of Subsidised Bus Services
Mr Lesiba Manamela
Chief Director: Public Transport
Department of Transport

Management of Absenteeism, Overtime, and Driver Satisfaction Thru Scheduling

Mr Sheldon Cowie
Planning & Scheduling Consultant

PTQ Consulting

What the bus monitoring eye sees

Mr Edward Dikgale
Ranti And Associates

Panel Discussion