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12 October 2022 

12 October 2022
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Sustainability is becoming a strategic issue across industries.  This includes the aviation industry, for which environmental sustainability and CO2 emissions in particular represent a major challenge.  Typically described as a "hard to abate" sector, the aviation industry is nonetheless acknowledging its responsibility, and targeting a "net zero" future.  What solutions are available now and what is in development?  Corrin Higgs and Joep Ellers will share some of the answers from the perspective of an OEM



Ms Elmarie Kriel
Lecturer: Department of Transport and Supply Chain Management
University of Johannesburg

Perspectives as an OEM


Mr Corrin Higgs
Director, Environment and Sustainability Marketing

Corrin Higgs joined Airbus in the UK in 1997 as an engineer, subsequently working from France and Dubai.   Various marketing and product development roles have given him the opportunity to work with diverse customers, and share the customer viewpoint within his organisation.


Mr Joep Ellers
Airline Marketing Director - Africa

After graduating from Queen Mary and Westfield College (University of London) with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, Joep continued his studies at Cranfield University (UK) where he completed a Master’s degree in Aircraft Design in 1993.
He joined Airbus for a six-month internship in 1994, working in the Future Projects Department analysing emergency evacuation aspects of the then A3XX, the precursor to today’s A380. He then began his career at Airbus in the Marketing Department, initially in the A330 / A340 Product Marketing Group.
After three years, Joep transferred to Airline Marketing where over the years he has held a variety of positions and geographical responsibility. Since 2008 he has been responsible for leading Airbus’s marketing activity in Sub-Saharan Africa and since 2020 oversees the marketing activity for the entire African continent.

Questions and Answers



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