The Supply-Chain Council (SCC) is a global non-profit consortium whose methodology, diagnostic and benchmarking tools help nearly a thousand organizations make dramatic and rapid improvements in supply chain processes. SCC has established the supply chain world’s most widely accepted framework for evaluating and comparing supply chain activities and their performance.

The framework—the SCOR® process reference model—lets companies quickly determine and compare the performance of supply chain and related operations within their company or against other companies. SCC continually advances its tools and educates sponsors about how companies are capitalizing on those tools. By using its tools, SCC sponsors are able to rapidly overcome the first difficult step in supply chain improvement: determining what processes to improve first and how much to improve them. Sponsors also use SCC’s reference models to guide the consolidation of internal supply chains (which results in significant cost reductions from eliminating duplicative assets); create standard processes and common information systems across business units (which generates major cost savings, cycle-time and quality improvements); and create a common scorecard by which customers can measure their performance and by which SCC sponsors can measure suppliers’ performance (which can lead to major cross-organizational process improvements).

To help members maximize the value of SCC’s reference models, the consortium provides a benchmarking database by which companies can compare their supply chain performance to others in their industries; training classes so that managers can master the use of the reference models; and conferences at which supply chain and senior business executives can learn how SCC member companies have used the consortium’s services to make dramatic improvements in supply chain and overall financial performance.