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SAASOA aims to be recognised by all stakeholders as the leading organisation representing maritime interests in South Africa on behalf of its membership which will include all professional & respected Ship Owners, Operators & local Agents.

SAASOA will promote and protect the interest of our members To be an active participant in the development and maintenance of a world class Shipping industry in South Africa To collaborate in efforts towards the continuous improvement of shipping standards for mutual benefit of all stakeholders To ensure that the Maritime & Shipping Industry is recognised by Government as a very important & integral part of the South African economy To ensure that vessel and cargo interests enjoy maximum throughput productivity at all Terminals in South African Ports

SAASOA is a non-profit Association formed with the purpose of promoting and advancing the interests of Ships Agents, Shipping Lines (Vessel Owners and Operators) and Brokers, on all matters of common interest. SAASOA was formed in July 2007 as a merger between:

  • The Association of Ships Agents and brokers of Southern Africa (ASABOSA)
  • The Association of Shipping Lines (ASL) and
  • The Container Liner Operators Forum (CLOF)

It has become increasingly apparent that these three organizations have been interacting with the same parties with common goals. The opportunity existed therefore to become one voice for the Maritime and Shipping Industry and to concentrate their efforts in order to become more effective.